Future View

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and similar laws and regulations (Companies Act, National Credit Act, Treating Customers Fairly Roadmap, for example), are forcing companies to adopt a large-scale rethink of their content, mostly because of the new requirement for ‘plain language’.

We are seeing  an increasing divide between  companies that view content changes as a necessary evil and those companies that consider content to be a business asset.

Today PR is not just about communicating it’s about interacting. It’s about managing the relationships between all critical stakeholders.

It’s the key to a more sustainable way of doing business.

PR can no longer be pigeon-holed into a traditional media relations role. There is a new shift with companies understanding that communications skills need to be incorporated from the word go and be applied across all the relevant channels. The communication campaign is guided by the business objectives.

We believe a good PR company will assist businesses:

  • understand an audience’s motivations,
  • correctly package the message to be best received across various channels, and
  • manage ongoing engagement to achieve the desired outcome.

Today PR is about collaborative advantage as opposed to competitive advantage.

Of all the insights, there is one common theme: there is still a need  to continue creating engaging, relevant content no matter what the platform.