5 perpetrators caught in latest CIT incident

On the back of growing concerns about the number of cash heists being reported this year, Fidelity Services Group CEO, Wahl Bartmann, says there was another serious incident early this morning, this time in Hibberdene on the KZN South Coast, when a large gang of heavily armed perpetrators attacked a Fidelity Cash in transit (CIT) vehicle en route to fill an ATM.

Bartmann says a shoot-out ensued in which two of the Fidelity Officers were shot, one fatally in the head and one in the leg.  The perpetrators sped off during the shoot out without managing to take any cash or weapons.

“The high level of tactical training of our officers is key in a situation like this and primarily responsible for the perpetrators leaving empty-handed. We have been working closely with the local SAPS who were fortunately able to apprehend five of the suspects earlier today. Our sincere condolences go to the family of our deceased Officer. We cannot release any details until his family has been informed. We will continue working closely with the SAPS on this investigation to ensure all the perpetrators are brought to book,” he says.

“The trend of seeing an increase in isolated spikes in vehicle attacks in the more outlying areas has been raised with the Minister, particularly as we move towards the latter part of the year. We believe syndicate groups are re-emerging and we are working hard with other role players in the industry to try and determine the route cause of these attacks,” he concludes.