Abandoned car leads to trapped domestic worker

On 4 June at around midnight, Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Sipho Malangabe was on patrol in Frans Rumpff Street, Heuwelsig, when a BMW sped past him. He thought it was unusual so continued down the road and found a car abandoned in the middle of the street. He contacted the monitoring centre that requested he remain on site while the SAPS were contacted.

The Bayswater SAPS arrived shortly after and together they searched the vehicle. The keys were still in the ignition and the vehicle appeared to have been ransacked. On the car keys’ ring was a remote so the SAPS Officer pressed it. The garage of a house in the street opened.

The SAPS and Fidelity ADT Officers approached the house and it was clear that a robbery had taken place. They discovered a domestic worker trapped in a backroom waiting for help. The owner of the house was contacted.

Robin Goveia, Branch Manager  for Fidelity ADT, says it was fortunate that Officer Malangabe was patrolling the street at that moment. “If he had not been there, the domestic worker may well have spent the rest of the night trapped and the suspects may have got away with the vehicle. I commend Officer Malangabe for his pro-active approach to the situation.”

Goveia encourages all residents to ensure their domestic workers carry or have access to a panic button at all times. “It is very important that domestic workers can call for help simply by pressing a button. Please speak to your security provider about panic buttons. They really can make a big difference in an emergency situation,” he says.