Accurate info and its part in crime fighting

Accurate and detailed descriptions of criminals can go a long way towards securing their arrest.


“Security companies and law enforcement agencies need to have an accurate description of the suspect to assist them in tracking down the perpetrator,” said ADT General Manager Inland Region, Theunis Kotze.


The most important things to remember, said Kotze, are the following:

–          If you become the victim of a crime, don’t make direct eye contact with the perpetrator;

–          Make mental notes of what the person was wearing, and be as precise as possible. This includes logos, colours, and any other distinguishing mark;

–          Was there anything striking about the way the person spoke? Did he/she speak with a lisp, or with an accent?

–          Do you recall any distinguishing facial features, tattoos or scars?

–          If there was a getaway vehicle involved, what make/ model/ colour was it? Did you see the number plates or any other distinguishing features such as mag-wheels or scratch marks?


ADT Security presents regular workshops and information sessions to the community watches that they support, where they run training sessions on the provision of accurate reports. Similar workshops are also presented for domestic workers and other community interest groups.


“Becoming a victim of crime is understandably a scary and traumatic experience, and one’s first instinct is not always to be calm and observant. We believe however that with some coaching this can be changed,” says Kotze.


Being observant of your surroundings is the key.


“If you are attentive to any possible risks, there is the likelihood of avoiding them. Equally, if you are able to provide police or your security company with as much detail as possible of the perpetrator it will help law enforcement agencies in identifying the suspect and hopefully quickly putting them behind bars,” concludes Kotze.