ADT apprehends suspect after robbery in Sandhurst

Media release

May 2014

ADT apprehends suspect after robbery in Sandhurst


ADT apprehended a suspected robber after he and his partner in crime left a staff member tied up.


At around 10:00 on 14 May two suspects jumped over the main gate of a premises in Oxford Road, Sandhurst. They went to a cottage on the property where they opened an unlocked door. Once inside they tied up a staff member with a phone charger, and locked her inside a bedroom. They suspects then stole various goods and fled the scene.


The staff member managed to untie herself and ran outside to scream for help. ADT Security Officer Fred Mphahlele  heard her screams and after investigating, saw two suspects running from the scene, bags in hand. Upon seeing Officer Mphahlele, one suspect dropped the bag he was carrying and fled.  Mphahlele apprehended the other suspect and recovered the stolen goods in his possession. He then pressed the panic button to alert ADT Armed Response.  Reaction Officer Lazarus Tleane was dispatched to the scene and on arrival handed the suspect over to the Bramley SAPS.


Clive Humphrey, Managing Director of ADT Central Region, applauded Officers Mphahlele and Tleane for apprehending the suspect. “We advise employees to equip all staff members with their own panic buttons in case of an emergency. This will allow ADT to assist as quickly as possible.”

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