ADT launches Push-to-Talk phone network into Blairgowrie and Linden

Media release

April 2014

ADT launches Push-to-Talk phone network into Blairgowrie and Linden

ADT launched their new Push-to-Talk (PPT) phone communication system on Tuesday 8 April for Linden and Blairgowrie.

Over the last few years, ADT, Linden Neighbourhood Watch and Linden SAPS have operated a radio network to share crime intelligence and to provide backup to each other when responding to emergencies.  This radio network has now been replaced by PTT phones and the network is being extended into Blairgowrie to counteract the recent spike in crime in this area.

PTT phones are like walkie-talkies for group communication.  The advantage of these phones is that they can operate wherever there is a cellphone network, in other words, they do not need a radio frequency.


  • All suspicious activity observed by the ADT Officers or Linden Neighbourhood Watch will be instantly shared with all other parties – this means no-one goes unnoticed and we are able to build up crime intelligence for the area.
  • If there is an emergency situation at a property (e.g. panic activation), multiple parties can respond, increasing the chance of an arrest being made.
  • Owing to the great support of Linden SAPS, their Sector Manager carries a phone allowing security personnel to call for immediate SAPS assistance.
  • ADT have extended the network into Blairgowrie to help combat crime there too.


This new communication network is also being extended to the security company’s Community Control Centre  in Garsfontein, Pretoria, from where they monitor their Licence Plate Recognition cameras. This means that as soon as a stolen or wanted vehicle enters Linden, the Control Centre will dispatch patrol resources to monitor that vehicle via the PTT network.


“We took the decision to step up our proactive model to curb the current spike in crime. All residents have the right to feel safe at home and in the public spaces they frequent,” says Clive Humphrey, Managing Director of ADT Central.

“ADT remains committed to the safety and security of all its Linden and Blairgowrie customers and we will continue to deploy whatever resources are necessary to keep criminals out,” concludes Humphrey.


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