ADT responds to kitty’s cries for help

Media Release

May 2014

ADT responds to kitty’s cries for help

The sound of a tiny kitten crying had ADT staff members scouring their Vaal Branch office grounds, however it was only when Operations Area Manager Mark Pearson set off in a company vehicle to  help the SAPS in the Vanderbijlpark area three days later that the mystery of the crying kitty was solved.

Pearson says he heard a funny noise in the ADT vehicle while driving on the highway.  “The noise stopped so I assumed it had been on the radio,” says Pearson.  Once the engine stopped at their destination the sound started again.  “I asked the Reaction Officer accompanying me to move away from the vehicle because something was not right.  When I opened the bonnet we found a small black kitten sitting in the engine inside the fan belt.”

Little “Nissan”, as he was named after his road trip in the bonnet of the reaction vehicle, was not hurt, just very hungry.   He has found a good home and is doing well and getting stronger everyday.  Let’s hope his hitch- hiking days are over.

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