Armed robbery at Kollonade foiled

Earlier this morning, 1 July 2019,  an armed robbery at the Kollonade Shopping Centre in Pretoria North was foiled when security officers from Fidelity ADT apprehended the suspects.

A Fidelity ADT security officer at the Kollonade shopping centre was alerted to an armed robbery at one of the stores inside the shopping centre. The officer immediately notified Fidelity ADT’s Special Response Unit (SRU) in the area, requesting assistance.

Officer Patrick Sebesho responded and found the suspects attempting to flee the scene in a metallic green BMW. He managed to corner the suspects and stop the vehicle. One of the suspects in the back of the car raised his firearm and Officer Sebesho fired two warning rounds at the suspects’ vehicle. The driver immediately surrendered while his cohorts dropped their weapons and fled the scene.

Officer Sebesho was able to apprehend the driver, while the security officers and another supporting security company were able to apprehend the remaining two suspects at a nearby petrol station. No injuries were sustained during the arrest, and firearms and cash were recovered at the scene. All three suspects were handed over to the Sinoville SAPS.

“We commend the proactive and quick response from all the teams who managed to foil the robbery and apprehend the suspects. Their bravery and quick thinking have shown that with teamwork and teams on the ground we can work together in a crisis to stamp out crime,” says Leon Muller Fidelity ADT District Manager for Pretoria.