Basset hound double trouble day in Brackendowns

Talk about a dogs’ life!  What are the odds that in two days Fidelity ADT and Fox Security would be called upon to rescue not one but three basset hounds in Brackendowns.


The first incident occurred when Fin the Basset got himself stuck in his owner’s gate. Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT says she received a call from Fox Security saying one of her client’s basset hounds was stuck in the gate. It appears the inquisitive basset tried to climb through the bars of the gate, only to find he was a little bit fatter than he thought and there he was stuck – not being able to move forward or reverse back.  “The response from caring neighbours was fantastic. They all rallied around making sure Fin had water and was as comfortable as one can be lodged between two poles.”  


Not sure what to do, Goodenough called her husband who runs a wall company. The Taller Waller van stopped, with equipment and ladders and provided whatever was needed to free this little guy. With a little bit of tugging and pushing, he finally slipped through the gates and was home safe. 


Goodenough says as luck would have it, no sooner was Fin rescued, the team had to rescue another two Bassets who had managed to get out of their gate. Once again Fox and Fidelity ADT worked together to return the canine adventurers to their rightful home. 


The final episode in the “tale” is the intrepid Fin was once again able to get himself lodged in the gate this week. This time 4TH Dimension rescued him and Goodenough took  him home for the afternoon. The relieved homeowner collected him that evening.