Batons and pepper spray to assist Kempton Park volunteer patrollers

Fidelity ADT stepped up to assist the dedicated volunteer patrollers in the Kempton Park area by providing 25 batons and pepper sprays. Aslam Munsur (from left), Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT, presented the items to Kempton Park Sector 1’s secretary Wendy Clausen, deputy chairman Lani van der Walt, and member, Andrew Causton. “These 25 volunteers do an amazing job assisting the community of Pomona, Brentwood Park and Bredell by patrolling the suburbs, keeping the residents safe and reporting suspicious vehicles or behaviour to the relevant authorities. They keep the residents informed on crime activities, motor vehicle accidents as well as lost and found animals in and around the suburbs. We believe strongly in working with our communities and assisting where we can,” says Munsur.