Be the superhero of your health

Most women have to make a hundred small decisions each day to keep on top of their family and career demands. This juggling act can leave you sapped of energy and feeling like you’re losing control. Clinix Health Group believes simple tweaks to your daily habits can put the spring back in your step in no time.

“It starts with being conscious of your health and wellbeing choices,” says Group Nursing Service Manager Bernadette Campbell. Diet and exercise are an important springboard to a more positive outlook and being able to cope better with the demands of a busy life.

“Healthy food choices play a big part in getting your mojo back,” she says, “and so does exercise. For example, deciding to have a fruit salad instead of your usual chocolate croissant for breakfast is a positive decision. Couple this with taking the stairs instead of the lift at work and you’ve kick-started a great routine.”

“Negative decisions, like eating junk food and not exercising, make our bodies feel heavy and miserable and put our goals out of reach because we don’t feel good, empowered or confident. Bad choices take more out of us than they give and they interfere with our energy levels, motivation and focus.”

She adds that while routine is everything to most working moms, small tweaks in the way you do things can make a big difference. Campbell’s best tip is “early bird catches the worm”. Waking up just 15 minutes earlier can make the world of difference – and you don’t have to be doing something for someone else in that time. Make it your time. Take in the sunrise, walk in the garden or indulge in your favourite book before the rest of the household stirs.

Another important aspect of overall health and wellbeing is to go for regular check-ups, especially the routine ones like pap smear and mammogram. Clinix Health Group says women often put their health check-ups on the back burner because they ‘haven’t had the time’. But having these important screenings done provides peace of mind and allows you to focus on other things without worrying about your health. All health-related qualms should be seen to, even if this is a toothache or niggling back pain.

“Women pride themselves on being super beings who can multi-task and be the heroes of their households and workplaces. But, we often neglect our own mental and physical wellbeing in the process. Being healthier requires effort but it is certainly pays off. Once you start making healthier lifestyle choices, these become natural and easier – a new routine to a new healthier and happier you!” Campbell concludes.