With the holiday period upon us there is a good chance that family and friends will be flying in for the festive season. The South African Police Services have reported a number of incidents where criminals have followed travellers from airports to various hotels, homes etc and robbed them.


In order to ensure your safety and that of your family and guests, ADT urge you to consider these important safety tips as they travel:


  • Always make use of reliable and reputable transfer services. Also ensure they are aware of the possibility that they might be followed and are trained in defensive driving.
  • If visitors suspect their vehicle is being followed they need to ask the driver to drive to the nearest police station or security point.
  • Do not carry large sums of cash or flashy / expensive jewellery when travelling. If this cannot be avoided, be sure to keep it hidden and in a safe place while disembarking, collecting your luggage and finding your transport at the airport.
  • When arriving at a hotel or residence, drivers need to practice the following hijacking prevention tactics:

o    If you suspect you are being followed, put your indicator on and slow down at least two to three houses prior to your destination. If you are being followed, you will force the vehicle behind you to pass and this could cause the criminals to lose interest.

o          If you need to stop in your driveway to manually open the gate, always leave the key in the ignition and the motor running unless you have a child in the car. Only then should you take the key with you as you open the gate. The key is a valuable negotiating tool – they want your car and you want your child.

o          Always make sure you can see the back wheels of the car in front of you when you stop in the traffic. This gives you enough room to manoeuvre and escape.

o          Don’t fall for the “tap tap” trap where a driver taps the back of your car in traffic. They often use lady drivers as decoys here. Never get out of your car on the scene to assess the damage but rather drive to a busy location. Signal to the other driver to follow you. If it is not legitimate they will seldom follow you.

o          If you stay in a secure complex with security guards, do not be fooled into thinking you are safe. You can easily be followed into your complex so always remain vigilant. Research shows that most people relax the closer they get to home and this is often when they are most vulnerable.


“Let’s all work together to make this an incident free festive season,” concludes Theunis Kotze, General Manager ADT Inland Region.