Blend replaces balance in the workplace

People who get their work ‘blend’ right will experience a more productive, more content lifestyle, according to university professor and author Stew Friedman in a recent Harvard Business Review blog post.

He describes the idea of blending home, work, community and self as a ‘four way win’ approach which can be mutually reinforcing.

LRMG Performance Agency CEO,Ricky Robinson, agrees saying a blended workplace has now replaced a balanced workplace. He says that people equally need to be healthy to create a healthy team and a healthy company, but it all begins with the health of the individual.

“Many people may think this is a ‘soft area’ but it isn’t. People are not machines and having healthy leaders and happy people is one of the most important business development areas. The health of your people has a massive impact on your project delivery, client engagement and internal relationships.”

He says blending is about mixing all aspects of life together to make the best sense to you. “Some people in our businesses exercise in the morning, come into the office later and then catch up in the afternoon. Parents with children may work till 15:00 then leave the office to do homework and chores and then connect back to their work after bath, dinner and the children’s bedtime. When you look at your schedule holistically and mix elements together you can find a more fluid way of working that alleviates stress.”

He says the digital age makes it possible to work whenever and wherever but to find your own blend one needs to spend time with family and friends, focus on career and contribute to community.

“We need to understand that there are many layers to life and acknowledge each of them, focusing on areas that are important.”

However, Robinson warns that by giving people flexibility, one needs to ensure that they are self-disciplined and aware of what needs to be delivered within a certain timeframe.

“The focus shifts from working eight hours a day to delivering on necessary projects and keeping promises. The rewards could be greater productivity as a result of a happier workforce and you may even be able to reduce office space and lower transport costs.”

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