Bramley criminals nabbed

The quick response of Fidelity ADT Reaction officers and the use of CCTV footage has led to the apprehension and arrest of two suspects in Bramley.


On Monday 9 March a resident on Glen Road in Bramley, realised that her power had been deliberately switched off and immediately pressed her panic button for assistance.


Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Khumalo was first to respond on the scene and called for backup. On arrival he saw two suspects jumping over the wall.   Reaction Officer Khumalo and Chisane managed to apprehend the two fleeing suspects and handed them over to Constable Masia from Bramley SAPS.


Using information from CCTV footage obtained from the homeowner, it was discovered that the suspects gained access onto the property by jumping over the wall. They then proceeded to the Eskom box and switched off the electricity.


Natasha Springfield Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager says, “This is another confirmed incident of criminals taking advantage of the load shedding interruptions to break into resident’s homes. 


“It is important to never let your guard down and if your electricity does go off unexpectedly, you need to be vigilant. More and more South Africans are looking to technology to protect their homes. Not only is it a great deterrent but CCTV systems and networks also provide crucial evidence that can be used in the apprehension and prosecution of criminals.” She says.


She lists some safety habits to remember:


  • Lock all doors and windows all the time. This applies to your house, your vehicle and any outbuildings on your property. This applies whether you are at home or not.
  • Keep valuable items out of sight. Never leave keys, wallets, cellphones or any other small items on a table or anywhere close to a window.
  • If you are worried about your security when there is no power, call your private security provider to check the premises. Keep your panic button on you at all times.
  • Do not ignore SMS messages that refer to low battery.
  • Make sure that your alarm batteries are working optimally, if you aren’t sure call your security provider to test 
  • Make sure that your electric fences are connected to a backup battery