Bryanston residents to be on alert

Fidelity ADT has issued an alert to all Bryanston residents to remain alert following a number of incidents where residents have been robbed of their trolley loads of shopping in the parking areas of various shopping centres in the area.

Steven Bronks, Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager says Fidelity is adding extra patrols around these centres but there is no doubt that with more people out and about the incidents of crime are starting to increase.

Bronks says there have also been reports of driveway hijacking where people are being boxed in and robbed of their belongings.

A resident was blocked in on his driveway and robbed as he arrived home from the shops.

“We appeal to everyone to stay alert, whenever you leave your home and when you return. Masks are mandatory now but they can also provide a perfect foil for criminals looking for easy targets,” he says.