Cell phone tracker assists Officer find suspect

On 26 October Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Michael Matshaba was dispatched to a property on Gansbaai Street, Wierda Park. On arrival, the resident told him there had been suspects in the house. The resident’s wife then noticed that there was an iPhone missing and she immediately activated the tracking from another phone. Officer Matshaba and the Wierdabrug SAPS Officers, who had arrived at the scene, then started searching for the iPhone to see if the phone was still on the property.

The cell phone tracker then showed that the signal was coming from down the street. Officer Matshaba set off down Jacaranda Street in the direction of the signal and spotted a suspect. He chased and caught him while he was trying to hide the iPhone in some bushes. Officer Matshaba arrested the suspect and took him back to the client’s property where the SAPS Officers were. The suspect then confessed to committing the crime and pointed out to the SAPS where his accomplice was hiding. The second suspect was also caught and arrested. Both suspects were taken into custody by the SAPS for further questioning.

“It was very fortunate that the cell phone tracking device was on and could assist the officers in finding these suspects. We are very pleased that both suspects have been arrested and commend Officer Matshaba on his efforts,” says XXX, Branch Manager Fidelity ADT.