Changing PR landscape

Today digital news sources are the top source of news. We need to leverage as many online channels as possible.

Although less newspaper space is available consumers are still reading. But, if you are not 100% relevant you are irrelevant. Consumers are looking for quality ‘interest specific’ content.

Bloggers are growing in influence and rank high in trust, coming in third behind family and friends. The quickest way to increase awareness is to become a trusted source for these journalists and bloggers.

The social media landscape will change dramatically over the next year. Brands that want to play on Facebook will have to pay more and the content will have be quality content that encourages engagement – i.e. conversation in the comments, not just simple post likes. Research shows that there are very few people who actually want to converse with strangers and brands on Facebook.

The answer is to start exploring other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn and encourage brands to continue creating their own content (blogs).