Cheeky criminal nabbed in his tracks – third time unlucky!

A cheeky criminal who was making  “easy pickings” at a home in Vanderbijlpark has finally been apprehended by Fidelity ADT and handed over to the local SAPS.

The suspect initially broke into the premises and stole plastic chairs. Later that week he was back to steal some copper pipes and taps.   The homeowner decided to lay a trap for the cheeky suspect and this morning he was spotted on the premises again. The homeowner immediately pressed his panic button and Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Thabo Segojane was quick to respond. 

He was shown in which direction the suspect had fled and after patrolling the streets in and around the home,  managed to spot the suspect who was then apprehended and taken into custody at the Vanderbijlpark police station. 

The Officer was rewarded with a colddrink by the very thankful homeowner who could at last sleep easy.  “Opportunistic criminals will often try their luck at the same premises if they feel the security is not that stringent. We would like to applaud Officer Segojane on his quick response, “  says Fanie Lombard, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT. He reminds homeowners to consider perimeter security as this acts as an early warning alert and often scares off would-be criminals.