SAPS and Fidelity ADT are clamping down hard on crime in Gallo Manor with 5 arrests in the last week  following a spate of crime in the area.

Linda Reeder, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT says the most recent arrests involved four suspects who were involved in a housebreak incident in Mooiriver in the Gallo Manor LSS.

The suspects entered the home where a domestic staff member was busy ironing and proceeded to hold her at gun point while the other three suspects raided the house. As soon as they had fled the domestic pressed her panic button and was able to give a description of the getaway car. The car was subsequently picked up by SAPS  on the corner of  Cowley and Cambridge roads in Petervale.  Reeder says the SAPS were able to recover the stolen goods as well as other housebreaking tools found in the car. The car was also found to have false number plates. “It appears that this was a hijacked vehicle and the police are investigating,” she says. All four suspects have been detained.

In a second incident Fidelity ADT worked together with SAPS to apprehend 3 cable thieves on Kings Road.

“There is no doubt that the increased visibility combined with the proactive work we are doing with SAPS is a deterrent to criminals in the area,” concludes Reeder.