On Sunday 17 September, families from all over Gauteng will be flocking to celebrate the joy of family at the Kaya FM Family Day, in proud partnership with African Bank, at the Big Red Barn in Olifantsfontein.

Headlining at the event will be two of South Africa’s most popular musicians – Vusi Nova and Ntando Bangani.

African Bank caught up with Vusi and Ntando to get the inside track on their current goals, indulgences and financial tips. Here’s what the two had to say:

  • What is one of your biggest goals for the next five years? How do you plan to achieve it?

 Ntando: I want to give back to the music and mentor gifted people. I feel there is so much untapped talent and I’d love to be a part of that process. It’s also important that they know everything they need to about the industry – there is so much more to industry than being on stage. Understanding what happens behind the scenes is equally important.

 Vusi: I would love to do a song with R Kelly – I really love his music. Wow, well I plan to make as much great music and hopefully he’ll hear it.


  • What is your sneaky indulgence every month?

 Ntando:  Skopo! That fills me up.

Vusi: Chocolate. I don’t have it often but when I do it is so worth it.

  • Who has been your greatest mentor? What part has mentorship played in your success?

 Ntando: It has to be Robbie Malinga. When I took some time off of music, we actually sat and he gave me some great advice. I was upset that the music I was making wasn’t getting out there. He gave me the best advice, to go back and study the first two Ntando albums and take something from there. And I did.

Vusi: My mom was my greatest mentor. As a single mother she not only had to run 2 households and run her business and still support me in PE, but she was there for me and always believed that I would be something in life.

  • What was the biggest challenge you overcame on your journey to success?

 Ntando: The music industry is very tough; it’s not all about the glitz and glam. One day you’re at the top and the next you’re not. It’s all about consistency and staying at the top, and I guess that was the most difficult or biggest challenge I had to deal with. When I wasn’t where I’d hoped I’d be, I had to take a step back and try to understand why I wasn’t achieving what I hoped I would.

Vusi: Oh fear. Fear of failing, but I believe that you should never let fear drive you and that’s what I try to do every time.

  • What is your most important advice for building your personal brand?

Ntando: Make sure that you are staying true to who you are, make sure you understand what it is you want your band to portray and that you yourself will be happy. Listen to your voice man.

Vusi: Stay true to yourself, I guess just focuses on what your goals are and what you want to achieve. Don’t let other people interfere in what you want to achieve. 


  • What’s the best budget advice you’ve received?

Ntando: Money doesn’t grow from trees, so you have to work hard for it. And once you get that paycheck at the end of the month be clever when it comes to spending.

Vusi: Save! Oh my word, save save save 

  • Do you have any other financial hints and tips you would like to share?

Ntando: When it comes to money, I think it’s really important to plan. It’s okay to spend your money, but make sure you’ve saved some aside for your future.

Vusi: Besides saving? Save, it’s so important not to blow everything all at once.

 “Both Vusi and Ntando promise to give electric performances, with memorable sing alongs later this month. It should be a great day that promises fantastic entertainment for the whole family. We are so proud to be part of this event once again,” says Kaibe Mollo African Bank’s Head: Marketing