Considering a summer home revamp? Keep safety top of mind

With the holiday season around the corner, many people have already started tackling their revamp or repairs list before businesses shut down over December.

“Many residents are bringing in cleaning services and contractors to complete repairs before the holiday season hits. It’s important to keep safety top of mind when allowing service providers into your home,” advises Mike Kidson, Managing Director of ADT Northern Region.

He suggests contacting the companies before any deliveries or work teams arrive at your home to find out what time you can expect them, how many of their staff will be coming and who the supervisor is that will accompany them.

“If unfamiliar individuals are going to work inside your home, be sure to lock away any valuables that are small enough to fit into a pocket or backpack, or that would not be easily missed if they were to disappear. The same goes for car and house keys.

“If you have guard dogs, don’t lock them away while workers are on your premises. Have a family member keep them aside when the contractors are moving in and out of your home, but let the workers be aware that they are there.”

Kidson also suggests that residents consider hiring a casual guard to keep an eye on the property while service providers move in and out. “Often gates are left open as contractors load and offload items, leaving the premises vulnerable. Having a security presence at the property is a great deterrent for opportunistic criminals and sends a message to workers on the property that security is a priority,” he concludes.

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