Crime building up in Ekurhuleni Municipal “Gaza” strip

Fidelity ADT have issued an alert to residents that they have noticed an increase in crime in the Ekurhuleni Municipal “Gaza” strip as we approach the  national 21 day lockdown. 


According to Milly Barnard, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT, the East Rand area is unfortunately vulnerable due to its location.


Barnard says since Monday 23 March, there have been multiple robberies reported  at homes in the area, at chain stores, at shops in shopping centers, at SME’S and even at guardhouses in estates / complexes.  “We have also had several cars stolen from busy shopping centers whilst people are stock piling,” she says.


Barnard says this trend appears to be very opportunistic as most citizen’s focus on the wellbeing of their family and may for the moment neglect their basic security and safety needs.  “During lockdown we want to remind all residents to stay vigilant and not let their guard down. Criminals know families will be at home with extra hardware such laptops, computers, devices and unless you are paying attention to security, you could become an easy target.”


Everyone needs to remember the following: 


  • Shops and SME’S must ensure that their alarms are functional, activated and attended to during lockdown as we may experience some loitering as the overall situation in the country deteriorates. 
  • Estates and complexes need to be on high alert as criminals could capitalise on deserted posts if security officers are not in attendance. Movement in these areas is also not as contained as in residential suburbs due to communal parks clubhouses etc. which can’t be locked down.
  • Homeowners need to ensure all gates are secured and outside perimeter doors kept locked at all times. If you have outside beams these should be activated during the day.
  • All members of the household should get a security refresher to ensure everyone understands the importance of staying safe during this period.


Barnard confirmed Fidelity ADT had comprehensive contingency plans in place for the 21-day lockdown period.  She noted the Fidelity Services Group is considered an exempt and essential service and has also partnered with medical emergency services such as ER24 who will continue to provide service to its customers. 


“Our armed response officers will continue to patrol and protect our customers, she concludes.