Criminals will now be caught on camera

Criminals in the Faerie Glen area will now be monitored, literally with a hawk eye. This month Fidelity ADT officially launched phase two of its integrated security solution for the Faerie Glen area with the addition of six high tech iTrac Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras.

“Serious criminals and syndicates often use vehicles when they target a community as this allows them to quickly enter the area, commit a crime and get out again. This is why it is important for any community wanting to safeguard themselves to take note of the vehicles driving around in the area that do not belong there,” says Leon Muller, District Manager Pretoria.

“A Licence Plate Recognition system is an ideal tool as it monitors all vehicles entering the area and flags those confirmed as suspicious or stolen by the SAPS. These are then sent through to our Monitoring Centre and checked against various databases,” says Muller.

Muller confirmed that the new high tech IP cameras utilise highly sophisticated technology and through their advanced analytics they can monitor vehicles entering and exiting the area. “The cameras in fact operate as dual medium cameras utilising both CCTV and analytics. The video analysis makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the normal behavioural patterns of objects captured on a CCTV camera. When an object displays activity that does not fit the model of normal behaviour, the system highlights it as unusual and performs a number of automated responses. The system transforms a security environment from passive to proactive and once again sends this through to the Monitoring Centre and to the Garsfontein SAPS,” he explains.

Muller says this ultimately allows the product to become the ultimate early warning system, specific for its application. “The cameras are also connected into the SAPS

“war room” database to alert our monitoring centre of any stolen or wanted cars,” says Muller.

The cameras will complement the existing dedicated area vehicle which is specifically branded to be easily identifiable and has additional technology on-board to assist this vehicle in the fight against crime. “GIS (Geographic Information System) technology allows us to track the vehicle in real time with live 4 channel streaming video .The incident recording facility gives us access to incident recordings allowing the viewing of events leading up to event triggers. This allows us to track trends and possible pre-empt criminal activities,” says Muller.

“We are confident the addition of the cameras will assist the Neighbourhood Watch (MyFaerieGlen) and the Community Subsector Policing Forum in further driving down crime in the area. We have already rolled out similar projects with excellent results across the Northern region in Garsfontein (4 cameras), Constantia/Waterkloof Glen (5 cameras) and Monument Park (2 cameras). Cameras in each of these regions have in fact all recently been upgraded to the newer iTrac technology being implemented in Faerie Glen. Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated and so we need to stay ahead of them every step of the way,” he concludes.