Dedicated security vehicle for Elma Par community

Engaged communities are successful communities. This was very evident on Saturday 21 July when members of the Elma Park Access Control Association Committee (EPACA) came out in force to support a community braai hosted by Fidelity-ADT.

The Committee has just appointed Fidelity ADT as the preferred service provider to provide a dedicated vehicle for the Elma Park enclosure. To celebrate the new partnership, Fidelity ADT hosted a braai for the community.

Renee Basson, FADT Community Development Manager, said it was a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with the community and discuss the importance of having a dedicated vehicle in the area.

This partnership approach to crime fighting, says Basson, has shown huge successes in the fight against crime.

“We work closely with several neighbourhood watches and community organisations across the country. When the public works hand-in-hand with their local security companies and the police, there is always a positive difference and generally a much safer community,” she says.

Fidelity ADT in fact has 119 partnerships with watches and community bodies across Gauteng.

The day was a huge success. “Boerewors rolls, popcorn and slush puppies were provided by Fidelity ADT, and the committee members did a wonderful job of providing braais; and making and distributing the boerewors rolls,” says Basson.

Fidelity-ADT and the EPACA Committee are confident that the community of Elma Park will support and assist in reaching the required subscription targets to sucessfully implement the dedicated vehicle.