Dog poisoning incidents on the increase

There has been an increase in dog poisoning incidents recently and Fidelity ADT Security is advising dog owners to be cautious. “We have specifically had incidents in the Benoni area. On 3rd November  alone there were 3 incidents.  One in Brentwood park and 2 in Farramere,” reports Milly Barnard, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT.

“Residents need to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious individuals or vehicles seen in the area to either Fidelity ADT or the SAPS. Usually we see a spate of house robberies following incidents of dog poisonings so we all need to work together to ensure these properties are secure,” she says. “Fidelity ADT will be upping its presence in these areas to ensure greater visibility and support for these residents.”

Guard dogs are a great early warning system and, sadly, are targeted when criminals want to gain access to a property.

Barnard offers these security tips for residents in the area:

  • Test your alarm and ensure it is in working order.
  • Ensure that you set your alarm when you are away from the house and arm specific zones of your house that are not being used when you are at home.
  • Cut back any trees or bushes that could be used by criminals to climb your gate, wall or fence.
  • Check that your perimeter security has not been tampered with and ensure any damaged is repaired immediately. Check your garden for anything that may have been thrown over your wall.
  • Inform your domestic worker and gardener that dogs have been poisoned and encourage them to be on the look out for any suspicious individuals.
  • If you suspect your dog has been poisoned, please immediately take them to your closest vet. You can also administer an anti-poison pack available from your vet or from the SPCA enroute to your vet.


“We send our condolences to all those families who have lost a beloved pet and are fully committed to ensuring this trend does not continue,” she says.

If you suspect your pet may have been poisoned, every second counts. Some of the following tips may be useful:

  • Administer Activated Charcoal to slow absorbsion (Available from a vet or chemist)
  • A laxative may also be administered, alternatively you could try to get your pet to bring up its stomach contents
  • Check your yard and clear out any other potentially poisoned items to prevent your other pets from also being poisoned
  • Get your pet to the vet immediately – most dogs can die in less than 20 minutes after poisoning

Below are a few veterinary hospitals around Kempton Park. Please find your nearest vet and ensure you keep their number handy.

Rynfield Veterinary Hospital                    011 849 8811

Longlife Veterinary Hospital                     010 443 8619

Northmead  Veterinary hospital               078 066 8295

Benoni Veterinary Clinic                           011 849 8933

Crystal Park Veterinary hospital                011 969 4868

Oakfields Veterinary hospital                                 011 425 0224

SPCA Benoni  Hospital                               011 894 2814/5 emergency: 073 511 2261

SPCA Kempton Park                                   011 975 6357 emergency: 079 509 7859

Bapsfontein Veterinary hospital                            011 964 3919

Craigview Veterinary hospital                                011 019 7600




She adds that it is vital that any incidents of dog poisonings are reported to the SAPS immediately. “All poison cases must be reported to the local SAPS with a request for them to investigate the case and remove any suspected poison residues/bait from your property. A poisoning incident is a crime and should therefore always be reported.”