Don’t let your guard down on holiday

So you’ve tested your alarm, briefed the house sitter, alerted your security provider that you are going away, cancelled the newspaper subscription and dropped the dogs off at the kennel.

For many of us the stress is now over and all that is left is the welcome prospect of a warm sunny beach. While you relax on holiday remember that there are a few common sense guidelines which still need to be followed to ensure your holiday safety.

Fidelity ADT’s Agnieszka Gryn provides those Gautenger’s who will be renting a house at the coast with the following six useful tips:

· Familiarise yourself with the contact details for the police/emergency services in your holiday area

· Find out where the nearest hospital is located

· Check the perimeter security of the property you are staying in

· Make sure you know how the security system works

· Ask the owners for information about the security of their property as well as general security guidelines for the area.

· Don’t leave electronic devices lying around

· Ask your home security provider whether they can offer you security or medical emergency services at your holiday destination. “Don’t let the anticipation of a well-deserved holiday blind you to the risks of leaving yourself and your belongings unprotected. It is better to subscribe to the “better safe than sorry” philosophy. Criminals often watch holiday homes for easy pickings as they know people are more relaxed and often less vigilant when they are away. Peak season also means a peak crime. Criminals know tourists and out-of-towners are on the way, relaxed and not always on their guard. By following these simple security protocols you’ll be able to have a far safer and relaxing break this festive season,” concludes Gryn.