Drugs and alcohol found at schools in south

Fidelity ADT together with South African Police Service officers from  Katlehong, Elsburg, Alberton, Germiston as well as Primrose Saps Community Safety, Transnet, Boksburg correctional service and the Ekurhuleni South District Social cluster, conducted two indepth joint school search and seizure operations this month.

Linda Goodenough, community development manager for Fidelity ADT said it was concerning to see the unacceptably high volumes of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes that were confiscated at each of the schools. “It is equally concerning to find the source of the drugs,” she said.

During the joint initiative a raid was also carried out at a nearby house in Katlehong and 4.69kg of dagga were retrieved as well as some cash. Two suspects were apprehended and arrested.

Drug and alcohol abuse amongst teenagers remains a huge problem across South Africa, exacerbated by the legalisation of Cannabis.

According to SANCA, the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, it is important for parents to remember that cannabis is not harmless and could cause health consequences. The fact that one third of all patients treated by SANCA nationally used cannabis alone or in combination with other substances testifies to this.

SANCA warn that one of the main risks for youth using cannabis is the negative effects on the developing brain as supported by research. The brain only matures at age 26 to 27 and cannabis targets the areas of the brain responsible for memory and healthy decision making. The younger a person start using dagga the higher the possibility of developing other psychiatric conditions.

Goodenough provides the following advice for concerned parents:

  • Stay vigilant and watch for any changes in the behaviour of your teenagers.
  • If you suspect anything you can contact your nearest SANCA office for assistance.
  • Try and keep the lines of communication open with your child. Calmly sit down and try and discuss your concerns.
  • Try and not shout or lose your temper.
  • Make time to support your child.
  • Monitor activities where possible so you are aware of what they are doing and who they are seeing.
  • Have rules and set clear boundaries.
  • Set a good example for your child by not abusing alcohol or drugs in your home.




Compiled on behalf of Fidelity ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations. For media queries contact jacqui@findleypr.co.za or 011 463 6372