Easter Holiday safety

With the Easter break around the corner, many people are already planning their escape from the rat race. Charnel Hattingh, National Marketing and Communications Manager at Fidelity ADT, says homeowners must ensure that swapping the hustle and bustle for some R&R does not end up costing them dearly due to a break-in while they are away.

“With people taking off on holiday over the Easter period there will be more empty homes and quieter streets, which appeals to organised and opportunistic thieves. We encourage homeowners to prioritise their security before they leave, to protect their home from burglars.”

Hattingh reiterates that criminals do not take a break – in fact, they love holidays as much as anyone else, just for the wrong reasons. Holiday planning has got to, therefore, include home security. Getting swept up in the excitement and forgetting all about home security basics, like checking your alarm is working properly and alerting your security company to your plans, is negligent. 

“As there is a lot to think about, most of us plan a holiday with a check list. I suggest checking your home security will not let you down takes priority on this list. No matter how brief or extended your trip away from home is, make sure you have peace of mind everything will still be intact when you return,” she says.

“The best defence against burglars, trespassers or opportunistic thieves is to make your property as unattractive to criminals as possible. With nobody around to deter criminals, it pays to implement extra precautions to keep your belongings safe – inside and outside the home.”

3 top going away tips:

  1. Make it look as though someone is home. Get your friendly neighbour to pop in and switch on lights and close/open curtains, collect the post and put the sprinklers on every day. These functions can also all of course be managed from your smartphone or laptop, from anywhere in the world, with advanced security systems. Speak to Fidelity ADT about the options. 
  2. Keep it quiet. No, the whole world does not need to know you are going away and for how long so do not post your holiday plans on social media.
  3. Lock up and double check. Sheds, windows and garages are as important as the front door and gate, so make sure everything is properly secured and locked before you leave. Even doggie doors should be closed off as criminals are known to easily gain access through even the smallest of spaces. Rather board your pets or leave them with family. 

Hattingh says in addition, proper perimeter protection, garden beams and an alarm linked to armed response, solid security doors and burglar proofing, sensor lights and panic buttons for staff on the property are all ways to keep your property and belongings safe.

Loadshedding, she adds, is definitely a concern these days and it can wreak havoc with security systems. The likelihood of this happening while you are on holiday must be factored into pre-planning for a holiday.

“Talk to your security provider about any concerns you have before you leave. It may even be a good idea to get one of their consultants out to cast an eye around your property – a trained eye may pick up weaknesses you have not noticed.

“Tightening up small vulnerabilities can amount to a huge relief when it comes to home security. Do not leave anything to chance this Easter,” Hattingh concludes.