Empty nest syndrome? it’s the perfect time to realise your dreams

It is a long road, financially and otherwise, to raise children to the point that they can spread their wings and forge their own futures. Most parents sacrifice pursuing their own dreams and goals during this time to make sure their children have the best education and futures.

Ironically, while everyone wants their children to grow up and lead independent lives, when the day finally arrives that they are all out of the house parents often feel grief, loneliness and a sense of loss.

Yes, “empty nest syndrome” can be an emotionally draining and confusing time for parents but having no more children in the house to take care of is a great time to re-evaluate your own lives and dreams, says Lindiwe Miyambu, African Bank’s Group Executive: Human Capital.

“The foremost benefit of no more children at home is that it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your finances and your dreams.

“Your household budget will look a lot different and you may find you now have more financial flexibility – but this doesn’t mean it is wise to splurge on an expensive holiday or home renovations which are perhaps not necessary.”

Miyambu says it is more advisable to remain prudent with your money and, especially, your savings. Putting some careful thought into what you would like to achieve and by when you would like to achieve these goals is a good start.

“There are many sensible things you can do with the extra money you now have, and investing should come into the equation – perhaps you have considered this but have no idea what to invest in?

“Why not find a reputable investment consultant to help you make the right choice? They will use their expertise to do the in-depth work required to help fulfil your needs and reach your financial goals.”

African Bank has several investment account options, all of which are aimed at offering you South Africa’s best interest rates for optimally growing your money. Choose from a fixed deposit, notice deposit, access accumulator or tax-free investment account.

Once you see a return on your investment from having obtained the right financial advice, the excitement of being able to finally dust off your own dream wish list will become a reality.

After all, we all want to strive for better, Miyambu says, and the many years of sacrifice for your children was to give them better lives and more opportunities.

“We come across customers every day who are striving for better; they know what their aspirations are but they find it difficult to connect these thoughts to their personal finances, so find the journey to achieving their goals a difficult one.

“It need not be. Ultimately, you are in charge of your financial future.

“With the right financial guidance, you will not only have the means to strive for more but can actually achieve your hopes and dreams.

“If you find yourself with extra money now that the kids are out of the house, plan to make it work for you; work to help you achieve what you have always dreamed of achieving.

“It’s mom and dad’s turn to turn dreams into reality,” concludes Miyambu.