Exciting Sensormatic® EAS developments on the cards for SA retailers

Last year ADT Security SA acquired the exclusive distribution rights in South Africa as well as parts of Africa, for the industry-leading Sensormatic® Retail Solutions portfolio.

Sensormatic® anti-shoplifting EAS products and Sensormatic® Analytic solutions are the preferred choice of leading retailers around the world. Sensormatic® products are evident in 80% of the top 200 global retailers. Included in ADT’s Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) package is manufacturing, supply, installation, servicing, research and development and maintenance. ADT is the only company offering this complete EAS solution, tailoring the product to suit the client’s needs from concept through to servicing.

Tyco provides retail customers around the world with Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions that are built around the most effective anti-shoplifting technology available in the marketplace. With the highest detection rate in the industry, acousto-magnetic (AM) systems allow for wide exit coverage, reliable deactivation, and virtually no false alarms.

This technology can detect tagged merchandise within foil-lined bags – even in metal carts – and it’s effective on products containing liquids and non-ferrous metals.

Traditionally focused on loss prevention, our new EAS systems are designed to provide retailers with significant operational improvements. Our family of item-level RFID solutions enables information accuracy that drives intelligence back into the supply chain to improve existing store operations, increase product availability and enhance the shopper experience. Retailers are recognising that dual EAS/RFID functionality addresses both security and inventory visibility to help prevent theft while improving the quality of item-level data.

Tyco Retail Solutions, a unit of Tyco International, is a leading global provider of integrated retail performance and security solutions, deployed today at more than 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers ranging from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, Tyco Retail Solutions provides retailers with real-time visibility to their inventory and assets to improve operations, optimise profitability and create memorable shopper experiences.

“This acquisition enhanced ADT’s sales, marketing and technical support activities for its retail customers. The inclusion of Sensormatic® into ADT’s already well established Retail and Commercial Division significantly strengthens its holistic solution offering,” says Antonio Smith, Regional Manager: Commercial & Retail Solutions ADT.

The holistic approach to Safety and Security through ADT Security revolves around the protection of People, Property and Profits. “We are not just another company selling a commodity, but rather a holistic solution that will provide clients with security, stability and consistency,” says Smith.

ADT provides a wide range of EAS solutions, based on Ultra Max® Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology. Virtually any item in a store can be protected with a Sensormatic® security tag or label. High value items, such as clothing, can be protected with a prominent tag, while small pocketable items can be protected with an adhesive label. With source tagging – the anti-theft labels or tags are placed on products at the point of manufacturing or at distribution level – there is no need to use expensive staff time to attach them in store. ADT offers installation and servicing teams in Johannesburg, Pretoria, KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth with back-up teams in place. “We have a direct contact number for clients 086 12 12 407 and as part of our support structures, we also have a National Repair Centre based at our ADT Head Office in Johannesburg. A 24/7 standby number is also available as well as a direct link to online logging of fault calls, orders and enquiries via eas@tycoint.com,” adds Smith.

“While Sensormatic® is a necessity for retail clients, we are focused on offering a holistic security solution which also includes camera requirements, access control and of course, manpower. The best technology available is useless without effective manpower and we offer guarding, monitoring and armed response services to back the Total Solution offered for Safety and Security,” says Smith.

Statistics show that between 2008 and 2009 shoplifting had increased by 3.2% to 42.6% of total shrink. Employee theft has decreased by 2.8% to 35.5%. The holistic approach therefore is the solution that ADT Security offers, to focus on the complete risk for the client, internally as well as risk from external sources. Global shrink for 2009 was $114.8 Billion. (Source: 2009 Global Retail Theft Barometer)

Access control therefore needs to be a priority for retail clients, adds Smith. “Access control can be the route to all evil if not managed appropriately. Back areas such as cash offices and the likes, need to be strictly monitored and secure. It doesn’t help putting in an alarm system at home if you leave the garage door open and it’s the same principle with retailers. High risk areas need highly effective access control,” says Smith.

Smith also mentions that support elements offered by security service providers are crucial in a holistic approach to Safety and Security, an example of this would be an emergency medical service on stand by. “The armed robberies in 2009 increased the need for retailers to ensure their staff were well protected and had access to emergency services. By pressing an ADT panic button, the staff has direct access to Netcare 911, an excellent and often vital, value-added service.”

ADT SA, with the support from Sensormatic® Retail Solutions, is continuously expanding its EAS products and SmartEAS is the next generation from the current offering. “A demand for greater management information and control has pioneered Tyco International’s development of SmartEAS. This is an ‘improved’ model for EAS, where automated reporting plays a key role in ensuring that an accurate record is made of every alarm activation. It combines EAS, CCTV, POS systems, metal foil detection, people counting and enables remote connection of all peripheries via the store network, for total visibility and management,” says Smith.

Currently on test in South Africa, Smart EAS is definitely the next step for the South African retail market. Its Local Device Manager logging unit provides a powerful tool for managing EAS systems and achieving greater operational efficiencies at the front end of the store. The unit mounts near the store exit and enables staff to enter EAS alarm information using a key pad or scanner. This eliminates the need for handwritten alarm logs and delivers important information faster, enabling the generation of corporate loss prevention reports.

“Retail clients are seeing the need for an advanced monitoring tool that can analyse data from various sources and produce intelligent reporting,” says Smith. “The Solution Selling Platforms that we are putting in place will have this capability as well as many other operations that will be highly useful for retailers. We look forward to the developments yet to come in this sphere and ADT will definitely be leading the way in technology development.”


Compiled by on behalf of ADT Security South Africa by Cathy Findley Public Relations