Extreme bravery and calm under fire

At approximately 15 minutes past midnight this morning (Monday 9 March), Fidelity ADT officer Mahlalebe was parked on the corner of  Beyers Naude drive and Grace street next to the Rustenburg Police station. He decided to slowly patrol the area and when he reached the corner of Beyers Naude and Lucas Streets he stopped his vehicle for a couple of minutes to stretch his legs.

That was a highly opportune stop as Officer Mahlalebe suddenly heard people screaming from the vicinity of the police station.  According to Maurice Malan, Fidelity ADT Branch Manager Rustenburg and Brits, the officer jumped back into his vehicle as just as he was about to close his door, shots were fired at the officer by one of the suspects who had fled from the Police Station.  Another suspect then grabbed the car door to prevent the officer from closing his door. 

Malan says a huge fight then ensued in the vehicle between Reaction Officer Mahlalebe and the two suspects who were attempting to drag him out of the vehicle. “Our officer fought very bravely and was able to fend off both attackers until the SAPS arrived and apprehended and arrested both suspects. The two were taken to Rustenburg SAPS by Sgt Khumalo and Constable Magosi. Fortunately our officer was not harmed. The only damage sustained was to the vehicle,” says Malan.

On further investigation it was discovered that these two suspect that were arrested, arrived at Rustenburg SAPS intent on assisting other suspects escape from prison.  Muller says they had already shot a Policeman and managed to escape. “When they saw our vehicle and Officer Mahlalebe parked so close to the Police Station, they panicked and tried to hijack the vehicle.” One suspect is still at large and the police welcome any leads.

Malan concludes, “It is really difficult to maintain one’s composure when faced with such extreme odds and aggression. We highly commend our officer on his bravery and ability to stay calm under pressure. This is really where our officer’s indepth training kicks in and makes all the difference.”