Fidelity ADT assists stab victim in Welkom

On 11 November at around 23:00 a Fidelity ADT customer was walking to her home from the bus stop in Lear Street, Bedelia, Welkom, when she was approached by four suspects. The suspects stabbed the victim and stole her handbag before leaving the scene. She managed to get to her house where she pressed the panic button.

Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Samuel Nkomombini responded and found the victim badly injured. He immediately alerted the Control Centre and the SAPS and ER24 were contacted. The paramedics arrived, stabilised the victim and transported her to the Sedelina Hospital.

“We have visited her in hospital and wish her a speedy recovery,” says Robin Goveia, Branch Manager Fidelity ADT. “It was very fortunate that she was close enough to her home to contact us for help. We are glad that we could assist following this terrible incident.”

Goveia reminds all Fidelity ADT customers that it is in partnership with ER24 and offers emergency medical assistance. “We are in the festive season time now where we generally see an increase in criminal incidents so I urge all residents, commuters and pedestrians to be extra alert and cautious. When possible, walk in groups, put away valuables including cell phones, and try to not be out on the roads after dark. Please also ensure that all your alarms, beams and panic buttons are working and that you lock-up properly and set-alarms,” he concludes.