Fidelity ADT Officer comes to the rescue

Elenia Kolokotronis, a resident in Senderwood, found herself in a dire situation on the evening of 24 July when her son stopped breathing. “He suffers from a sensitive respiratory system. Usually he recovers on his own with assistance but this time it was severe. Everything closed up and he stopped breathing,” she explained.

She pressed her panic button and Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer Andrew Shabangu arrived on the scene. A medical team was also alerted. “Officer Andrew arrived within minutes. He offered words of encouragement to my son and me. He remained by my son’s side and said such lovely things like ‘Don’t worry boy, you are going to be okay. Be strong’. I can’t thank him enough. Andrew even shared kindness to me saying ‘Be strong like your mommy’. He was even willing to assist us when we were getting into the ambulance,” says Elenia.

She says she has been with Fidelity ADT since 1999 and thanked the call centre staff for their professionalism. Fortunately, Elenia’s son fully recovered soon after.

Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT, says they are all exceptionally proud of Officer Shabangu and how he reacted in a traumatic situation. “He is a fine example of how professional and capable our officers are. He is an asset to the Fidelity ADT team and we applaud him for his efforts. We also send our best wishes to Elenia Kolokotronis and her son,” she says.