Fidelity ADT support Lion Stars Youth Development for Mandela Day

On 21 July Fidelity ADT supported a soccer match for Lion Stars Youth Development to celebrate Mandela day. The two teams, Lion Stars from Kempton Park, and Nkuwsa Football Academy from Midrand, both played at the Soccer grounds in Maxwell Street, Kempton Park.

Fidelity ADT Community Development Manager, Renee Basson says, “We were so proud to be able to support Lion Stars. It is an amazing organisation that assists in keeping vulnerable and under-privileged children off the streets after school and on weekends. It aims to help the children focus on skills development and life skills, rather than getting involved with crime and drugs.”

Fidelity ADT supplied popcorn and slush puppies, to energise the teams in their friendly clash and to remind the kids on Mandela Day just how important it is to lead a healthy and productive and crime-free life.