Fidelity scoops top security awards

On Tuesday 5 November, the private security industry, supported by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), hosted its annual Bravery and Crime Prevention Awards.  Fidelity Services Group walked away with a lion’s share of the awards which were attended by the Deputy Minister of Police, Hon. Cassel Mathale.

A total of 367 awards were given out on the evening comprising gold, silver and bronze awards as well as some special posthumous awards. The event attracted over 600 representatives of the private security industry.

Wahl Bartmann, CEO of Fidelity Services Group said that the night really belonged to the hundreds of private security officers, the unsung heroes, who often put their lives on the line every day and are committed to ensuring our safety.  “For most South Africans the thought of arriving at a premises knowing that there are criminals at work within its doors, is a very daunting one but for these Reaction Officers it is part of a day’s work and they don’t hesitate when called to duty,” he says.

Last night there was a record number of nominations from over 20 companies in four different categories namely: Guarding, Asset in Transit, Armed Response and Control Room Operator.

Fidelity Services Group walked away with 117 of the awards.  They received 43 Gold Awards, 12 Silver Awards, 13 Bronze Awards and 24 Merit Awards as well as 25 Posthumous Awards.

Bartmann comments, “It is overwhelming to see the level of bravery, resilience, commitment and loyalty of the recipients of last night’s awards. We live in a volatile crime environment which provides unique challenges for the private security industry.

“Tonight we can be so very proud of the persistence, professionalism and bravery shown by our officers. They are deserving of these awards and the recognition they have received from the security industry. Every day our officers and CIT guards put their lives on the line protecting our clients. It is awards like these that recognise their contribution to the ongoing fight against criminals,” he concludes.