Fidelity Services Group explains contingency plans for 21-day lockdown

South Africa’s largest supplier of armed response and commercial safety solutions, the Fidelity Services Group, today announced its contingency plans for the 21-day lockdown period which starts at midnight on Thursday 26 March. The lockdown was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last night, as part of urgent government interventions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 


In his address, the President assured the nation that essential and critical business continuity services will need to remain open to support the health sector and to keep South Africans healthy, safe, and secure under these extraordinary conditions. Wahl Bartmann, Group CEO of the Fidelity Services Group, says “The Fidelity Services Group is considered an exempt and essential service in terms of this announcement. We have also partnered with medical emergency services such as ER24 who will continue to provide service to our customers.”


Even though the conditions are extreme, Bartmann says his company’s staff members will still report for duty as normal.  “Our armed response officers will continue to patrol and protect our customers; our security officers will continue to protect properties and assets; and our Cash in Transit and Cash Solutions will continue to provide services to the banks and financial institutions to ensure sufficient cash flow and the payment of social grants.”


The company has, where possible, instituted remote and rotational work shifts to adhere to the guidelines set out as part of the national lockdown protocols and bolstered standby personnel that can be deployed nationally at a moment’s notice.


“In this regard, we have established a centralised COVID-19 Joint Operating Committee at our offices in Gauteng from where the spread and impact of COVID-19 within South Africa and the Fidelity Services Group will be monitored. This facility will log and respond to all COVID-19 related incidents across the country, and can be contacted 24/7 on 080 000 2222 or via email on,” says Bartmann.


“The safety of customers and also of all staff has been the key driving factor behind the group’s planning,” he adds. 


“We have put in place processes and procedures in accordance with World Health Organisation guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus and to minimise its impact on our service delivery. Employees have received training on COVID-19 and have been provided with tools and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to reduce risk in their daily duties. We have also highlighted the importance of adhering to strict hygiene and hand-washing procedures, as well as keeping all areas in their direct working environment cleaned and disinfected.” 


Bartmann says Fidelity will keep in contact with its customers and its staff during the coming days, and will provide regular updates on current and new contingency measures.