Five Easy Festival Safety Tips

The warmer summer season means we are spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor music events and lifestyle festivals. Following these five basic tips, says Fidelity ADT, should help ensure that you enjoy the entertainment in a safe manner.



  • Keep cool and hydrated



“People underestimate the impact that a day in the blazing sun can have on you,” says Fidelity ADT’s National Marketing and Communications Manager Charnel Hattingh. “Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water, especially if you’re drinking alcohol. Stay cool by wearing a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses, and stick to shade if you can.”



  • Bring your medication



Depending on your specific health needs, it is a good idea to keep your important medicine close at hand. “Most festivals will have basic first-aid facilities at hand but often not a dedicated ambulance or specialist medical or emergency response team. If you have any pre-existing conditions, bring your medicine with you and make sure your friends also know in case they need to pass on this vital information in an emergency,” says Hattingh.



  • Learn the lay of the land



When you first get to the festival, check out what is where (and not just which bands are playing and in which tent). Festivals can be confusing places, so it is important to know where the toilets, first aid, food stalls, camping and chill-out zones are. “Most festivals provide a map, or you could just walk around and explore. Ask staff where any emergency exit points are,” suggests Hattingh.



  • Look out for your buddy



Hattingh suggests the use of a ‘buddy system’, where you look out for a friend and they look out for you. “Arrange a time and meeting place with your buddy in case you get lost or want to go off to see different things. By looking out for one another, it increases the chances of someone quickly responding in case something should happen to you. Don’t always rely on your phone, as your battery may go flat or the network may become overloaded.”



  • Visit your app store



Ask your security company if they offer a mobile ‘panic button’ app that can be downloaded to your phone. “These apps – such as Fidelity ADT’s FindU app – use GPS positioning and are monitored by armed response companies, who can quickly dispatch the emergency service you need wherever you are,” says Hattingh.