Guilt-free cupcake campaign rocks Cavendish Square

To celebrate Women’s Month and Cavendish Square’s 40th Birthday, NATIVE has launched a campaign against Guilt.

Guilt is a subject that is not often spoken about. Being the load-bearers of unnecessary guilt is a deep-seated pattern of behaviour women have inherited over time. Creative Directors at NATIVE, Nelri Rossam and Suhana Gordhan, felt that this would be a great subject to tackle in honour of Women’s Month with the launch of a pop-up shop called Guilt & Ganache.

Guilt & Ganache is the world’s first guilt-free cupcake shop. “Of course, the cupcakes are fattening. But you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them,” explains Nelri Rossam. “In fact, you don’t have to feel guilty about anything. At Guilt & Ganache, we invite women to lift the world off their shoulders and let go of the guilt they carry in their hearts by simply eating a cupcake.”

The cupcakes carry edible messages of things that women feel guilty about – anything from skipping gym to not spending enough time with their kids. Suhana Gordhan explains the reason behind the cupcakes: “The very act of eating a cupcake that carries a guilt message allows a woman to literally eat her guilt before it eats away at her. Ultimately, the cupcake shop serves as a reminder that the empowered woman is a woman who lives guilt free,” concludes Gordhan.

Guilt & Ganache opened on 16 August at Cavendish Square on the Lower Ground and will remain open until 15 September. So pop in, have your guilt and eat it!

Caption (feature photograph): Creative Directors at NATIVE, Nelri Rossam (left) and Suhana Gordhan eat their guilt away by sampling the delicious cupcakes during the opening of Guilt & Ganache on 16 August.



Compiled on behalf of NATIVE by Cathy Findley Public Relations