Halloween safety tips: don’t get spooked out

Next week on October 31st, many residents will be out and about enjoying Halloween fun.

Fidelity ADT Security cautions all residents to ensure they keep their family and home safe, whether they are out collecting sweets, or just staying at home.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to keep you and yours safe this spooky night.

  • Light up the night: Make your children easily visible with torches or glow sticks.
  • Always ensure children are accompanied by an adult or older sibling: Set a time limit for your children to trick-or-treat. Designate a specific route for them to take. It is advisable to never allow young children to trick or treat on their own. Always ensure they are accompanied by an older sibling or adult. Be alert for any speeding cars in the suburb.
  • Never allow children to enter a stranger’s house:  There is no kind of treat that is worth a security risk so do not allow your children to enter a stranger’s home, no matter how appealing the offer or Halloween display.
  • Watch what your children eat: Rather be cautious and check what kind of treats your children have received before allowing them to eat them.
  • Host your own Halloween: If you want to be able to keep your home and children safe at the same time, consider having your own Halloween party. This will allow you to choose what your children get for Halloween and who they are mixing with. But remember that your home can be a target too if perpetrators perceive that you are not paying attention to your surroundings. While celebrating, having a braai or trick or treating, always keep your remote panic with you, ensure your perimeter is secure and do not let strangers into your home.
  • Arm your security system:  The excitement of getting ready for Halloween plans may make us forget to take simple safety precautions. Make sure to arm your security system and lock doors and windows before you leave your home.
  • Light Up Your Home: Whether or not you have plans to go out on Halloween night, be sure to keep your home well lit. Turn on a few lights around your home to give the impression that someone is home and still awake. Additionally, well-lit areas outside your home will deter potential intruders or malicious pranksters by eliminating hiding places caused by shadows.


Charnel Hattingh, National Marketing & Communications Manager, says “No one likes to think about crime and about what it can do to you or a loved one. Sadly, it has become a reality of life that we have to be prepared for, and a subject we must address with our loved ones and our children,” she concludes.