Housebreaker apprehended in Silverfields

The prompt response of Fidelity ADT Reaction Officer, Geoffrey Monye has led to the apprehension and arrest of a house break suspect in Silverfields this week.

On Monday morning the 11 May, a suspect gained access into a home in Silverfields by standing on a dustbin outside the property and jumping over the perimeter fence. He managed to break the office glass at the back of the house and gain access into the home. This triggered the alarm and Reaction Officer Monye responded immediately. The suspect tried to flee with a DVD player and the lawnmower but was apprehended and handed over to the SAPS.

Bongani Qebengu, Regional Armed Response Manager Central Region for Fidelity ADT,  cautions homeowners about leaving dustbins or other obstacles too close to their perimeter walls.  “This can be used as a perfect step ladder and poses a security risk to your perimeter,” he says

Qebengu says wheelie dustbins should never be left out overnight before collection the next morning for this very reason.

Bins left out can also pose other security risks. If bumped over they can block driveways which means residents have to get out of their cars in the morning to move the bins exposing themselves to potential hijackings in the early hours. “Dustbins also provide a good hiding place for hijackers who may target residents leaving for their early morning run/walk. Particularly at this time of year when it gets light later,” he concludes.