Increase in gate motor and outdoor detection beam theft

Fidelity ADT has released a general warning to the public to be wary of a continuing trend where criminals target outdoor detection beams and gate motors. According to Charnel Hattingh, Fidelity ADT National Marketing and Communications Manager, “Criminals appear to be targeting beams and gate motors with the intention of stealing and damaging them. We believe that in most cases they are being stolen and sold for scrap.”

The company has warned residents to keep their outdoor detection beams armed at all times. “This not only keeps you safe while you are inside your home, but has the added benefit of warning you to anyone attempting to steal your beam,” says Hattingh.

While gate motor theft has been an ongoing trend, Fidelity ADT says they have seen a steady increase in the number of reported cases from their customer base over the last couple of months. According to Hattingh,  “In the past, criminals would damage a gate motor in order to gain access to a property, but we are seeing that the trend seems to be shifting towards the gate motor itself being the target.” Fidelity ADT advises residents to install protective gate motor cages and anti-tamper devices on gates to prevent anyone from gaining access to the gate motor.

“It is important that the public is aware of the trend and take steps to help minimise the chances of being targeted by opportunistic crime,” notes Hattingh.

Fidelity ADT provides the following advice:

  • Ensure that your gate motor cannot be accessed from the road by reaching through, or over your fence
  • Consider installing anti-lift rails to your gate, to prevent the gate from being lifted of its tracks
  • Activate your alarm at all times, even when you are at home and bypass areas of your property and home that are in use
  • Speak to your neighbours, local community policing forum and security company to inform them when you are away for extended periods. They may be able to do additional patrols and keep an eye on your property.