Integrated security essential for small to mid-sized companies

Big buildings and complex environments require multiple physical security measures. An integrated security system is essential in ensuring top safety requirements, from access control to video monitoring, are met.

However, integrated security systems are not only for larger corporations, but should be used to mitigate risk in any size organisation. “It’s essential that the safety and security systems are closely aligned with process control systems. It makes sense to implement both systems in an early stage of business, allowing growth as the business develops,” says Cedric Greeves, Sales Leader: Tyco Integrated Fire and Security South Africa. “The success of both systems depends on how much gravitas is given to each. Your process control systems should not run independently of your safety and security systems.”

Tyco’s Intevo is an integrated security platform for small to medium enterprises which provides a platform for companies to grow their security system to meet organisational needs over time. Access control, IP video and Intrusion are combined into a single interface designed to simplify and streamline even the most complex security environments. “The platform is quick and easy to install. The set up wizard assists to ensure operators can be up and running within minutes and a customised dashboard allows you to navigate easily from one app to another,” says Greeves.

Specific security measures must be in place to ensure people and facilities are kept safe, however there are other requirements, such as securing assets, ensuring compliance, video surveillance and access control, and ultimately, profitability. An integrated system allows for a holistic view of these as well as process control measures, ultimately simplifying the security management functions.

With Intevo’s Entrapass Web Application and the Entrapass Go Mobile client, users are able to monitor and control the security system online in real-time, an ideal solution for security administrators who have to manage the access control system remotely. Alarms can also be programmed and monitored from different locations, with a virtual alarm keypad that makes it easy to configure an alarm panel in the same way as if it were an actual physical keypad.

“Video surveillance is traditionally an efficiency killer, with operators spending hours searching through footage to tag video with a particular action. There is usually just too much video to watch. With integration, video can be monitored and images and associated audio from up to 32 cameras are recorded, managed and actioned from within the system,” says Greeves.

Intevo’s integration with American Dynamics HDVR, VideoEdge NVR, TVR Series and Intellex Digital Video Management Systems further enhances the video capabilities of the system. The clear IP video user interface gives the operator confidence during set set-up, day to day use, reporting and when providing training to staff. In addition to its compatibility with American Dynamics cameras, Intevo supports other leading brands including Axis, Arecont Vision, D-Link and Vivotek.

“Intevo is an easy-to-deploy, intuitive integrated system that can provide many benefits for small to mid-sized organisations,” says Greeves. “It’s the evolution of integration, and with this system organisations will be less vulnerable to incidents and will deliver better, more efficient responses.”

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Compiled on behalf of ADT by Cathy Findley Public Relations