It’s time to do a security spring clean

Spring is here! Not only is the weather warmer but the countdown to summer and the year-end holidays has begun.


“Now is the time to ensure that your home security systems work properly,” says Theunis Kotze, General Manager ADT Inland Region. “With the warmer weather on the way people are likely to leave their homes unattended more frequently to spend time outdoors. It is vital that their property and belongings are protected.”


Kotze also advises that your alarm system and other hardware – such as panic buttons and infra-red detectors – should be tested regularly.


“If the system is not functioning properly it could mean that the alarm activation signal may not reach the security company. In the event that there is an emergency and assistance is needed, we will not know and will not be able to assist you and your loved ones.” He adds that testing your alarm can be done together with your security service provider. If anything out of the ordinary is noted, a technician can be dispatched to address the problem. Testing should be carried out at non peak times at least once a month.


Over time home security needs can change. Kotze says now is also a good time for residents to re-assess their overall security needs.


“This can be done during a walk around the property and asking yourself whether there is a need for additional- or motion-sensing lights or outdoor beams.  Make sure your gate is secured and can’t be lifted off the rails. Trim back foliage which may interfere with your electric fence. Remember, your security service provider can offer advice if there is any uncertainty on how to identify security needs.”


Other tips regarding good security habits this spring include equipping your domestic staff with panic buttons and making sure they know what to do and who to contact in an emergency. Kotze also advises that you do not employ people off the street. “Always request contactable references and a copy of their ID,” he says.


Kotze further advises that you get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood. “This way you’ll be able to tell if something or someone doesn’t belong and be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when arriving or leaving home.”


It is also critical that your security service provider has the most up-to-date key-holder contact details.


“Residents need to ensure that their security provider has the current contact details of their primary and secondary key-holders. In this way, they can be immediately contacted in the event of an incident or alarm activation. Phone us to check your key-holder information, dogs and access arrangement instructions. Please make sure we can get to you when you need help!” Kotze concludes.