Keeping criminals at bay at Garsfontein school

The Carefree Kid’s Montessori Centre Centre in Garsfontein was experiencing a spate of vehicle related crimes where cars were being jammed or being broken into.

Fidelity ADT partnered with the school to help make sure both parents and children remain safe. “We installed a remote jamming detection device at the school, which raises an alarm whenever the device detects a jamming device being used,” says Bennie Coetzee, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT.

The device warns motorists that someone is attempting to jam a car remote signal and empowers parents to ensure their cars are actually locked before they enter the school. It also helps to remind parents when they hear the signal to make sure that any valuables in their vehicles are safely out of site to prevent opportunistic criminals from taking advantage.

Fidelity ADT went a step further by changing its vehicle stop-off point to across the road from the school during peak hours, so that the response vehicle’s presence would act as a deterrent to would-be criminals. “By placing the vehicle in front of the school, not only do criminals see we’re actively keeping watch over the school, but parents, teachers and especially the children can feel a sense of security in a place where they should feel safe” says Coetzee.

By being proactive and partnering with communities Fidelity ADT is working tirelessly to ensure that crime is minimised and that the areas in which they operate actually see and feel the value that private home security can bring to a community. “We work with a number of communities and this network is constantly growing in number. The more communities who cooperate, the harder it becomes for criminals to operate” concludes Coetzee.