Marlands residents warned of midnight criminal activity

Following a recent incident in Spruce Street, Marlands, where a suspect was caught tampering with an electrical box, Fidelity ADT is urging residents to be on the alert. “The incident took place at around midnight. The electricity went off at a home in the street and the resident alerted us,” says Aslam Munsur, Community Development Manager, Fidelity ADT. “Our Officer Edmond Ndou responded and found the suspect at the municipality electrical box cutting wires. The suspect was arrested.”

Munsur confirms that although there haven’t been any other reported incidents of cable theft in the area there have been incidents of armed robbery and house break-ins at that time. “Around midnight seems to be the prime time for criminals targeting homes in the area. Obviously, residents are sleeping soundly at this time and visibility is minimal. We feel it is important to alert residents of this trend so they can ensure alarms are on and properties are secured at this time,” he says.

He advises residents to make it a habit to arm their alarm systems on the night/stay mode and to keep a portable panic button near their bedside so it can be easily accessed in the event of an emergency. “Please test your alarm every month. It’s quick and simple.”

“Please also be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals and report them immediately to the SAPS or security providers in the area,” he concludes.