Mr ADT shares safety tips with Porcupine school in Brackenhurst

It was a morning of excitement and learning at Porcupine school on 20th August when Mr. ADT came to visit.

Commenting on the visit Sgt Niemand, social crime prevention and liaison officer for  Brackendowns SAPS says “It was a very educational fun experience for the children, learning about their own safety as well as they safety of their families.  I would highly recommend that Mr ADT visits all the schools in the Brackendowns policing area in conjunction with social crime. Bullying is a huge problem in our schools and we need to educate our children from a very young age, that bullying is not cool.”

The show, a complementary service offered by Fidelity ADT Security to pre-primary and primary schools, is part of a programme aimed at creating crime awareness amongst children of Gauteng. The children are given practical safety tips on who to call (SAPS 10111) and how to use a panic button. “We believe it is important to be proactive and educate our children on the dangers of crime. It is great that Mr ADT is able to educate children on a serious topic but in a fun and entertaining way,” says Linda Goodeneough, Community Development Manager Fidelity ADT.

The show covers important topics such as:

  • Bullying
  • Home robberies
  • Keeping our belongings safe
  • Being alert (Paying attention to our surroundings, how to get help/Police/panic buttons etc.)
  • Stranger Danger
  • Respecting our fellow South Africans

Mr ADT offered the following tips:

  • Make sure children know their full names, address and phone number
  • Children practice operating door and window locks at home, and insist they always check who is at the gate or door before opening it.
  • Never to reveal on the phone or at the door that there are no adults at home, but rather say are their parents too busy to come to the phone or door.
  • Stranger Danger – never to get in a car with someone they don’t know or leave the school grounds unaccompanied.

Other topics were also covered, for instance: what is good touching and bad touching, how to use panic alarm buttons, and the importance of knowing a parent’s contact details and other emergency numbers.

“Children are never too young to be educated and made aware, in a non-threatening manner, of the dangers that exist in our society. They need to be empowered to be able to protect themselves in a dangerous situation,” She adds.

“Darin, Mr ADT, has a fun, friendly way of addressing these pertinent issues. He has found the perfect balance, as the show keeps the children informed and entertained while reinforcing valuable safety tips.”

The Mr ADT shows take place at local schools and are hosted free of charge by Fidelity ADT. If a teacher or parent is interested in booking a show for their school, they are welcome to email Janice Brown on further information.