Muldersdrift community encouraged to remain vigilant following crime stats announcement

The 2014/2015 crime stats released by the national police commissioner, General Riah Phiyega and Police Minister Nathi Nhleko, highlighted an increase in most crime groupings.


Johan Nell, CPF Chairman for Muldersdrift and a member of the Muldersdrift Communication Action Group, says the three areas of concern for the Muldersdrift community are car hijackings, truck hijackings and aggravated robberies as a result of substance abuse. “We have seen an increase in these three aspects particularly and want to urge community members to be vigilant,” he says.


Nell points out that truck hijackings predominantly happen when trucks are targeted as they leave the Cradlestone junction and head towards Tarleton or onto the highway. “Criminals will follow the vehicle and then get the drivers attention pointing out a flat tyre or the likes. The truck drivers will pull over to check and the hijackers will make their move. The reality is that often these trucks are isolated in these areas and criminals use this vulnerability.”


“We strongly advise truck companies to educate their drivers on the importance of not pulling over but rather driving to the nearest petrol station where there is activity. Alternatively they need to contact the SAPS if they suspect they are being followed and ask for assistance,” says Nell.


In line with truck hijackings, car hijackings have also increased. Nell says drivers need to be on the alert especially when returning home in the evenings and at specific hotspots such as the Lion Park intersection and Lanseria four-ways stop. “We see that often residents are targeted as they get home in the evenings when they are tired and less vigilant. It is important to ensure that gates are closed properly behind drivers when entering the premises. Women are also being targeted at intersections at night. Please avoid hijack hotspots in the evenings and if this is not possible, don’t stop to assist individuals, pull over to check your car or the likes. Criminals use these ploys as hijack tools.”


Lastly Nell states that aggravated robberies have increased and he believes this is directly related to substance abuse which is rife in certain areas. “It is important for community members to report any suspicious or rowdy activity as well as petty crimes to the SAPS. We are urging the SAPS to investigate these reports as we believe these petty crimes lead to greater crimes if neglected,” he says.


“We also appeal to residents to ensure they secure their premises at all times and don’t become complacent. Often these crimes are opportunistic committed by intoxicated individuals.”


Nell says that the CPF is working closely with the SAPS and community members to address these pressing issues. “We are aware that these areas need attention and resources and will continue working closely with the SAPS and residents to curb this crime. We encourage all Muldersdrift community members to do what they can to make a difference. Report crime and get involved in crime prevention initiatives,” he concludes.