New MIWA reps take up the reins

As part of the Retail Motor Industry’s (RMI) New Thinking Model, the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) has appointed five representatives around the country whose responsibility it is, among others, to connect with MIWA members. Pieter Niemand, Director of MIWA, says MIWA is the largest association in the RMI and a challenge has always been connecting with its over 2500 members nationwide. To meet this challenge, these newly appointed reps will be visiting MIWA members in their area throughout the year and will be updating member details, keeping them informed of the latest news and offerings from MIWA, and touching base to see how members are doing. “We have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team that is eager to start connecting with members. We believe this will make a big difference for members this year,” he says.

The MIWA reps gathered in Pretoria in February for an intense four-day workshop where they were introduced to all aspects of MIWA and trained to be fully equipped for their new roles.