New Year crack down on illegal activities

On Friday 10 January 2020, the Brixton SAPS Police Station, together with other security companies in the area including Fidelity ADT, ASARS, HMA, Delta Tactical and RAID, carried out the first major crack down for 2020 on illegal activities in the Auckland Park, Brixton and Mayfair areas.

Natasha Springfield, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT says there is no doubt that community engagement is one of the primary ways of reducing crime and high visible patrolling is a clear deterrent to crime.    “The stop and search operations carried out on Friday are a clear sign that we are taking the problems experienced by the local community seriously and it will send a clear message to fraudsters for the New Year.”

Two arrests were carried out, one for running a shebeen illegally without a liquor license in Mayfair and one in Brixton for dealing illegally in drugs.