Prevention is the best defence

On 18 November, domestic workers gathered in Verwoerdpark, Alberton, to receive a talk on self-defence. Linda Goodenough, Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT, presented the talk and was supported by the SAPS Sector Manager and Social crime managers.

“This year we have spoken a lot about preventing crime and general safety at our domestic watch meetings. We decided to end the year off with a discussion and demonstration on self-defence,” she explains.

The content of the talk included how to defuse a situation and talk an attacker down, knowing ahead of time how you are going to react, how to weaken your attacker and get away, and more.

“The aim of the class was to equip us all with safety strategies, to make us feel confident about ourselves and our abilities which in return increases our self-confidence. Practice makes perfect. There is no time to think when the adrenalin is pumping, but when you know what your strategy is and you have practiced it long and hard physically, and in your mind, you will be better equipped to deal with a situation,” says Goodenough.

After the talk it was time to get physical and the domestic workers had a good time while being taught some self-defence moves. “There was much laughter and action,” she says. “It has been excellent meeting with this group during the year and I believe we have all learnt much regarding safety and will take all that has been learnt into our community.”